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iOS or Android - The Right Platform for Your First Mobile App

 Nowadays, most companies are looking for mobile app development services since it has become the most used platform and device. However, you should always take into consideration the operating system being used. The main differences lie between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Further mentioned in this article are some ways you can choose the right operating system.

Once you have understood the importance of building a mobile app development for your business, there are certain important things you should take into consideration. The most important one being which operating system you choose. 

There are mainly two operating systems of mass recognition right now, namely Android and iOS. This decision is quite subjective and depends on the kind of service or product your brand specialises in. That said, this is not an easy choice to make. Every step you take in this process will eventually affect the growth and prosperity of your company.

Choosing the wrong platform can mean that you are neglecting your target audience. The most common mobile application development includes native app development, and this can only work on one of either operating system.

However, if you want to invest in both Android and ios application development, that can be time consuming and resource-heavy. There are some considerations that can help you save this cost and choose the better operating system.

Feature Sets:

This is one of the more important points to keep in mind since it directly influences the essential functions of the application. You must first figure what the true purpose of the application i. on this answer depends on how it is going to be designed and what kind of features it is supposed to have.

While Apple is known to be stricter and regulate its app store entrances with more scrutiny, Android is a lot more flexible. While the benefit of developing an application in the iOS ecosystem is that it provides more stability and control, you need to keep in mind a lot of rules.

However, if you invest in android app development, you will get more flexible service.

This further means that Android has lesser security checks when it comes to applications, meaning there are unreliable developers in the market as well. This further demeans your brand, so your first preference should be an apple.

Release Cycles:

This is one point that most developers ignore as it is not important till your application gets launched. While Apple users are more up-to-date with their operating system, Android users often lag behind. This can severely impact the features a mobile app development company can add to a particular application.

Keep these points in mind before choosing an operating system.

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